Xilotonian War
Ahmed Bumba, the Xilotonian army general
Ahmed Bumba, the Xilotonian army general.
Date  1 November 3365 - 6 June 3369
Location Commonwealth of Xiloto

Xiloto Victory

  • Dongo Adubwe killed
  • Withdrawal of Grandan, Adelan and Suertan forces from Xiloto
People's Power Party (PPP) Commonwealth of Xiloto
Supported by:
People's Republic of GrandaPeople's Republic of Granda
AdelaPeople's Republic of Adela
SuertaPeople's Republic of Suerta
Commanders and leaders
Dongo Adubwe (K.I.A) Oberi Botete
Supported by: Ifwa Gofidi
Marcencio Alzaro Ahmed Bumba
Lujas Guerrada
Juan Ochoa
Casualties and losses

PPP: 9,500+ killed and wounded

PRG: 16 killed

PRA: 48 killed

PRS: 80-100 killed and wounded

Xiloto: 6,000+ killed, 14,000+ wounded