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Tiered System for Aid Grants

The White Giant Security Council has developed a tiered system for granting country aid. These tiers are based on ranking levels of need according to criteria which we have developed. These criteria reflect our opinions as to who would benefit the most from council funds.

We feel that this is a fair distribution of funding and may further refine these criteria as we gain more experience with the aid grants. Keep in mind that game cash goes quickly when a new president is upgrading all their corps at once, buying infrastructure and building a decent defense.

No Aid or Unusual Exceptions
  • Empires with more than 3 nations
  • Presidents who publicly and aggressively attack the council
  • Population of greater than 30 M
  • Countries with nukes
  • Presidents with an aggressive history
  • Presidents with established empires or ceos on other worlds
  • Presidents who repeatedly make bad mistakes and are unwilling to learn
  • Presidents eligible for an award in that month which is 20 GC or greater at the time the proposal is made

1T Aid Grants
  • Empires with 3 nations
  • Population of up to 20 M
  • Assets greater than 10T
  • Countries who have made embarrassingly bad mistakes and are trying to fix them

2-3T Aid Grants
  • Empires with 2 nations
  • Population of up to 15 M
  • Asset greater than 5T
  • Countries who have made some mistakes but are willing to learn
  • Countries who have not overbuilt offense

4-5T Aid Grants
  • Single countries or Peaceful countries
  • Population of up to 10M
  • Presidents actively trying to learn the game
  • Returning SC veterans
  • Players who demonstrate that they intend to keep playing the game (paying the 30GC to continue, etc)

Security Council Members

Terms Ends President Nation
14 Jul 2014 amichaud
15 May 2014 cl08   cl108
24 April 2014 Sultan Amir  
18 April 2014 Maclean  
27 May 2014 Jonathan Huston  
9 May 2014 blaznmtl
21 April 2014 Roving EYE
1 May 2014 Sir Ronald  
15 May 2014 ian cameron
30 June 2014 Gregor  
1 June 2014 Squanto
25 April 2014 Jonny Alouette  
31 May 2014 PALM  
30 April 2014 Nicolas Fernandez Ponce
11 May 2014 charleshemmerde