West Walton is one of the 4 regions of the Lacerta continent (Golden Rainbow), defined by geography or geopolitics, being the smallest region in Lacerta.
West Walton GR location map

West Walton location map.

46 countries, 6 with president (including 1 empire with 2 countries), constitute West Walton region¹ :

  • Empire of The Sovereign Nation of Verla²


West Walton is the westernmost and southernmost region of Lacerta. It extends for about 1800 kms from east to west, between meridians 122 º and 144 ºE and 1950 kms from north to south between the parallels 30 º S and 49 ºS, therefore, fully in eastern and also southernhemisphere, completely included in the temperate region of Gonden Rainbow.


The population within the standard physical geographical boundaries was 500 million in 3372. Population growth is slow and median age comparatively medium in relation to the world's other continents.

Most populous countries in West Walton Region (Lacerta) in 3372
Rank Country Population
1 Western Empire 28,600,000
2 Commonwalth of Unova 18,400,000
3 Imperial Steel 17,600,000
4 Verla 17,300,000
5 Dolterra 13,600,000
6 Matiern 13,500,000


Because it is included in temperate region, the climate of West Walton has fewer high average temperatures than the rest of the continent Lacerta.

The climate ranges from the subtropical on the north coast to the temperate to the south.

The average temperatures are near 26 ° C summer season on north and may have minimum average of -5 ° C in the winter to the south.

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