The War of the Direnni Succession or the Direnni War of Liberation was a political and military conflict, composed primarily of a series of conquests between the Umayyad Empire and The Alessian Tribes; supported by Saoirse Direnni, Baroness of Lorraine, supported by the Royal Centrus Kingdom, Kasserine, Prince of Massila and Judith II, Queen of Moesia  (who abdicated her claim in 1E), for control of the Rift, that began in March 15,1E and ended on 12 November 2E, with the signing of the Treaty of Ravine.

Long before the Direnni Dynasty became dominant, the area now known as Alessia and it was long apart of the Umayyad Empire under Khavad III, after the Shah’s death a group of nobility assembled in Ávila and overthrew the newly ascended Shah Salabad, and crowning Amir Mustafa as king.This led to a war that ended in with the death of the 19-year-old Amir.

Before his death Amir settled with the Alessian Tribes and named Kuridak I as Caesar of the Alessians.  On May 6th, 99BE General Hassan takes the Emerald Throne and reigns as Ardasher. Shah Ardasher invaded the Rift and killed Kuridak at the Siege of Avila.

Kuridak was a second generation member of the Haidan Clan of Alessia, the Haida are related to the Direnni Clan. Ardasher unified his country but his lords were not happy with his domestic policies and he was assassinated in the following month. The Emerald Throne lays empty as does the Alessian Throne. Shah Salabad’s niece, Judith II announces her claim as does Kasserine of Massila, both in neighboring kingdoms. Kuridak’s death served as a catalyst for Direnni Involvement.

The young Baroness of Lorraine, Saoirse Direnni diplomatically played the game of thrones with honor and yet ruthlessness. When the war begins Direnni chose neither side and instead established ties to the Royal Centrus Kingdom, following this she began building her military to fight against Kasserine, Prince of Massila.

Eventually Direnni defeated Kasserine in less than six months, but faced much more difficulty fighting Julia. However once in the Rift Direnni made contact with the Alessian tribes of the Skal Valley, who accepted her as their Queen, despite not being Alessian herself. The Umayyad Empire broke apart as countess client states and satrapies declared independence and the assassination of Ardasher. Judith would eventually withdraw her claim and Saoirse successfully united the Rift. Entering Avila on 12 November 2E, Saoirse declared the independence of the Heavenly Kingdom of Aurelia, thus ending the conflict.

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