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Volvolia es un pais multicultural y multietnico...y aqui me quedo por hoy porque ya tengo sueño.

Volvolia Its a multicultural and multiethnic country... I go to bed, see ya!

Republica Federal de Volvolia

Federal Republic of Volvolia

VolvolilanFlag 109px-Naxxar coa.svg
Motto: Res non Verba
"Hechos no palabras"
Anthem: "Libertad"

Version 1:

Version 2:

 - World Little Upsilon  
 - Continent Paova Major  
 - Region Painted Valley  
 - Capital Pacifica  
 - Largest city Samara  
Official languages Spanish and English
Regional Languages Volvolian, Pachuco, Caliche, Jeta de Escusado.
Ethnic groups 30%   Mestizos (Creoles)
  30%%   Caucasian
  20%%   Asians
  10%%   Afro-Caribbeans
  10%%   Arabs
Demonym Volvolian
Religion N/A
Government Social Democracy
Legislature {{{legislature}}}
 - Upper house  
 - Lower house  
 - Formation  
 - "Gold Anniversary" September 7th 
 - Total 126,000,000  
 - Total N/A  
 - Percentage N/A%  
 - Total SC$N/A 
 - Production per capita SC$N/A 
 - Federation Res non Verba
 - Common Market Little Upsilon Trade Organization
 - Empire Concordia and Tropicalia
Nominal Value US$N//A
Currency Volvolian Dollar (V$230 x US$1)
Internet TLD vo
Date Format Day/Month/Year
Drives on the Car, Truck, Bike, etc, of course
URL [{{{url}}} Volvolia] in Simcountry.


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