Visa requirements for Ruthene citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of Ruthenia. In 3259,Ruthene citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 2 countries and territories.

Visa Requirements

Country Visa requirement Reciprocity
3030 Aquitanian Flag Aquitania Visa not required
Flag of Gaia Gaia Visa not required
Highlandic Empire Highlandic Federation Visa required X
Erusea Erusea Visa required X
Download (15) Arendale Visa required X
Victoria Victoria Visa required X
VlagWeliopakistan Yokistan Visa required X
The Union Flag York Visa required X
Fu1649 Greenwood Visa required X
Mandarr flag Mandarr Visa required X
SC Flag Constantine Visa required X


Country Visa requirement Reciprocity
Union CM The Union Visa not required
Medium flag of vietnam Soviet Federation Visa required X

Ruthene ID Card as optional Passport replacement


Right front of ID Card of Ruthenia

Ruthene identity card can be used instead of a passport for travel to some neighboring countries of the empire that have signed special agreements with the Imperial Government:
Countries Agreement / Stay
Noflag Colomo 30 days
Noflag Misoto 30 days
Noflag Olend 90 days

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