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During the winter of 3530 leaders from Second Republic of Vaudreuil and Caraden met to discuss the relationship between the council and the premier. Council leader and lone CDU representative Redo declined to participate claiming that he'd rather wait and see what conclusions could be made with an initial agreement. These discussions, later called the Violet Hall Convention, laid groundwork for delineating powers within the Duplex.


The meetings, which lasted for two weeks, took place in a remote northwestern region of Caraden. At an undisclosed hall Green and Volt met in an old hotel called the Violet Hall. Despite the lack of press coverage and the general informality of the sessions, there was a great deal on the line at the meetings. Without a formal mandate to negotiate boundaries, both parties had in mind the noble goal of setting expectations around the spheres of influence that each branch would hold in federal politics.


While no formal agreement was reached at the end of the meeting, Green and Volt were able to come up with a very rudimentary layout what imperatives council and the premier should hold. The intent, from the beginning, was to present a "roadmap" for division of powers.

Executive Legislative
Soviet Enterprises Generating bills
Recruitment Passing law
Integration Debating policy
Diplomacy Member relations
Defense Creating committees
Joint Responsibilities

War declarations

Setting the trajectory of the federation

Providing information to the public

Representing the federation to the rest of the universe


The federal reaction

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