Ruthenia has no official motto of the State, namely the one which is recognized as such by the Ruthene national law.

However, there are some common phrases which appear commonly on banners, flags and other symbols of the Ruthene State.

  • Theos, Tími, Patrída ("God, Honour, Fatherland"). - the most common phrase found on Ruthene military standards
  • Gia ti̱n elef̱thería kaita dikásasmas ("For our freedom and yours")- Its history dates back to the times when Kormenian soldiers, exiled from the fallen Kormenia, fought in the various independence movements throughout the world.
  • giati̱n písti̱ , to díkaio kai o vasiliás (For Faith, Law, and King) - motto of the Kingdom of Kormenia during the Almodian dynasty
  • Basileus Basileon Basileuon Basileuonton ("King of Kings ruling over the rulers") - official imperial family motto and de facto motto of the empire, was adopted by the Kormenian emperors after the coronation of Emmanuel I and its considered the most popular motto of the state, reflects the union between the Slavian, Selloi and Mauryan peoples in a single crown.
  • emeís tha epimeínoume ("We will persevere") - Motto used by Michael Auronopoulos during the first uprising between his forces and the Jannisaires in the battle of Kolonea.
  • O fóvos tou Theoú kai na timí̱sei ton af̱tokrátora ("Fear God and Honor the Basileus") - Emblem used by the Ecumenical Patriarchate in the ceremonies of coronation of the new basileus, used in regional cities and monasteries.

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