USPV today 01/02


 The United States of Painted Valey, was formed Tacky.G.H & Boomerang, for short it's known as the USPV. Currently consisting of 5 states and led by Coastal Rock, the USPV makes its mark amoungst many other federations. It holds a good friendship with the Unique Federation & the Soviet Federation. The common market 'The Coastal Trade Union' runs as the members market along side the USPV only.

Parliament of the USPV is currently debating: 01/02

  •  Expansion across PV
  • Countries to recruit 

Current objectives of the USPV government: 01/02

  • To recruit more members 
  • To reach satisfactory index levels in all countries within the USP
  • Establish a law and order system for the CTU & USPV

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