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Following the rise in federal communications during the early 3500s, unisov (stylised in lowercase) was estasblished as the official international broadcaster of the Soviet Federation across the member states of Kebir Blue. Its content has been directed by headquarters in Greenwood since 3522. As a Federal Entity it is managed by the federal executive, ultimately responsible to the premier.This was created by the Soviet Federal Radio and Telecommunications Act.


Public broadcasting in the Soviet Federation had been left up to individual member states. While there had been broadcasting agreements before, such as Volusia Radio (compromising the United Autonomous Republics, Volusian Confederacy, and Socialist Union of Farr), there had been no such large scale system of synchronisation. Public broadcasters from numerous member states integrated their programmes into the unisov model with the intent to share local and regional content. With the establishment of unisov deals were made to ensure that half of all content is "central" and half is "regional" in order to reflect the dual mandate of promoting federal integration while reinforcing local cultures. Content requirements are outlined in the Soviet Federal Radio and Telecommunications Act

During the 3524 election campaign, the unisov network was used to air campaign ads and candidate statements. 

Notable Programming


Golden Age Debate

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