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  Triple Military Intelligence Pact  - TMIP

In January 3396, Tony.w from Coastal Rock, Devlin from the Kingdom of Greenwood and Mike from the Republic of Romanam met in Avialles. They formed and signed a private pact known as the Triple Military Intelligence Pact - TMIP. Signing the pact means that the three countries will share intelligence together, they will protect each other and work with one another. Together the three militarys will form one sole military cutting defense costs in all countries. The three states will act as one voice in times of solidarity, they will sign declarations and sanctions together. The pact has enabled CR high command to authorise any TMIP pact member as a nuclear state with full nuclear capablities. Space trading is now open to the states for those who currently do not trade on the space station. This pact comes with many benifts for each state but it does pose a large risk of being dragged into a war when a declaration is made against a TMIP member. The TMIP is a private pact.

TMIP Members 3396:

Coastal Rock

The Kingdom of Greenwood

The Republic of Romanam

TMIP Sanctions and Declarations:

The country Byzantuim has been blacklisted for 30 years, it expires on 3421. If Byzantuim is recognised as war lvl 3 by the international community, the TMIP will honour the blacklisting and make a declaration of war.

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