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The Treaty of Bradley was a multi-national formal documentation signed between the Republic of White Highlands and the Second Union of Kinsek on 15th May 3566, the treaty was a ratification of the Highlandic Federation and also announced further Federal enhancements. Most notably the increase in Provincial and Federal Sovereignty at the expense of national government, the Treaty set out a undetermined date in which the national governments of the Republic and Kinsek should altogether disband, with further information and details to be adressed at a later treaty.


During the 3564 Federal Elections, a diverse coalition of pro - federalist parties were elected by a comfortable majority in National and Provincial Parliaments across the Federation. The factors detailing their sucess were mixed and varied according to each region, most Kinsekian voters felt a dissatisfaction of the previous Left Winged Pro-nationalist party before them. Whereas Republicans voted on the promise of a stronger domestic and federal policy in relation to further expansion of Federal powers.

With a large pro-federalist party standing within parliament, the appointed president was that of Mario Draghi. Who immedietly unlike Highlandic Presidents before him begun to appoint key ministers to lobby for greater reform. In 3564 the Draghi administration had a series of domestic cabinet ministers who were localy elected heads of assemblies for the various provinical assemblies. With a strong Federal government linked with local links to dominate Provincial Sovereignty, Draghi set forwards his proposals for the signing of a treaty to ratify and expand the powers of the Highlandic Federation. In a mildly contentious vote between Party affiliates, the vote passed by a majority of 48% in parliament.

The National Governments of both the Republic and Kinsek also agreed and expressed public support for such a move. Paving the way for further organisation and the signing of a treaty, the foundations of the treaty were written in a memorandum during early 3565 by the Federal government, and a date and location was agreed between the Federal Government, along with the Republican and Kinsekian national governments for May 3566 in the modern city of Bradley. Independent officials were also announced to be in attendance to ensure the signing was legally upheld in the Highlandic Constitution.

Key Treaty Points

The Key and focal points of the treaty were;

  • That the Highlandic Federation is upheld in accordance to Republican and Kinsekian rule of law.
  • A undetermined date in which National Political sovereignty in matters of defence, diplomacy and economics be reformed and released to the Highlandic Federation in the renewed code of the Constitution of the Highlandic Federation.
  • The Expansion and ratification of provincial parliamentarian powers in civic sectors such as local administration, policing, health, education and societal affairs.


As a popular political journalist stated in the Federal Newspaper during the following day;

"What we have seen here today is nothing more than the completion of a dream, the dream of a complete union between the two states which have defined history. Before the treaty of Bradley, it was simply a matter of if. Now it is quite simply a matter of when. After National Sovereignty has been relinquished we can expect a new union unseen by White Highland standards." - Kerman Rumpoy

Overall though, public opinion towards the Treat of Bradley were one of trumendous support. Governmental polling opinions indicated a surge in support for the Federal Union unknown to previous levels. Jumping from 86% in support to approximately 92% in support, a consensus reveiled that a majority of the support for the signing came from the Northern Republican Regions and Estobania Region. Where the effects of the Highlandic Federation's creation were most felt.

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