The transport and water systems are needed in all countries as part of the infrastructure that makes it possible to build a healthy economy. To support a strong economy, the transportation system should be built to match the required levels as are shown on the transportation pages. A transportation index of 100 is sufficient. Higher levels are not needed but remain possible. Higher transportation index will result in a better welfare level and will benefit the economy. The factory production levels in the industry depend among other factors, on the welfare level in the country.

The transportation index depends on the level of roads, train tracks and water treatment installations in the country. The index is the lowest of three values representing the relations between the available and needed roads, the available and needed train tracks and the available and needed water treatment installations.

This means that having a large number of water treatment installations and no rail tracks will result in a very low transportation index.

A transportation index at a level of 250 is considered too high and is seen as a way to increase the score but without any meaning in economic sense.

A president can increase the transportation index beyond 250 only if his economy is in excellent condition and the financial index is higher than 150.

If the transportation index is higher than 250 with an insufficient financial base (financial index under 150), the transportation system will start reducing its levels automatically until it goes under 250 or the financial index climbs above 150.

Destruction of roads and train tracks

It is possible to removed roads and railroads. This may be needed when the country is in a very bad financial condition and needs to reduce cost. Deep cuts in transportation however, may have severe consequences for the welfare of the country and reduce production and the economy in general.

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