Tomás di Lauro
Tomás di Lauro
Born 28 of July, 2746, Ostambal
Died 2790, Unknown
Profession Teacher, Diplomat, Philosopher
Interests history, politics, diplomacy, philosophy, humanism, and Languages
Titles Visir of Parsian Empire, Mayor of Ostambal
Noble Family di Lauro

Tomas di Lauro (2746 - 2790) was an Parsian  historian, politician, diplomat, philosopher, humanist, and writer Maurian descent based in Ostambal during the Parsian Empire rule, he worked for many years an official for the Parsians with responsibilities in diplomatic and military affairs and one of the first non-merentian ministers for work to the Empire.

Di Lauro's best-known book, vivlío ti̱s vasilikí̱s kathodí̱gi̱si contains several maxims concerning politics, royal guidance and imperial guide and gobernance, his work is well know in the Ruthenia Royal Family and his legacy is used as a guide of gobernance and of political ethics. di Lauro is well know for being teacher of numerous fathers of the Enosis, incluyed Michael Auronopoulos

his vivlío is renamed as  Basilika Kódigos or Kódigos, and the Imperial Family uses his work as a guide and example of gobernance in various aspects, the Kódigos inspired the creation of Imperial Council and power of Basileus

One of the most important  diplomat academies in Romaion is know by the name of Royal Academy Tomas di Lauro in Auronopolis.

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