Early history of Shurika

Before it was colonized and before it was the great nation that it is today, the great country of Shurika was wild, dangerous, and teeming with wildlife. The land had no civilization apart from the native ethnic tribes people who were it's only inhabitants. Exactly how these natives originated remains a mystery. It was however believed that they migrated from the east before settling when they reached the western beaches of Shurika in pre-historic times. From these people many other tribes began to appear along Shurika's coast stretching as far north as Nostero. It is believed that ever since these tribes arrived in the west, they had been fighting. Violent tribal clashings were a common way of life for the natives. From childbirth to manhood, most tribal boys were raised to be skilled warriors with an unsateable lust for blood and combat. Old native legends tell of some ancient tribal warriors who would cherish the heads of their enemies as war trophies won in battle. Some native tribal militia's still practice this ancient custom today. For hundreds of years great chiefs and kings ruled the wild lands of south-western region Marbella Maxima on the continent of Lynx Minor, but that would all change once the first white settlers came to this daring continent.

History of Shurika

At the time, the eastern regions of Bavaro Bello in the western continent of Draca Mixor served as a home to more "Civilized" people of a culture of white people who devoted their lives to god and to their king.

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