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NATO Federal Flag

The United Sovereign States 

Article 1.0

The Name of this Federation of States shall be The United Sovereign States.

Article 1.1

Each State retains its Sovereignty Freedom and Independence and every power jurisdiction and which is not by this constitution expressly delegated to the United Sovereign States.

Article 1.2

The said hereby states agree to enter a firm league of friendship for the purpose of common defense, security of liberties and their mutual general welfare binding themselves to assist eachother against all force offered.

Article 1.3

The Marshall is elected by the Soveriegn States assembled and shall work towards the common good of the United Sovereign States 

Article 1.4

The USS Federation has the soveriegn right of making its own laws choosing its own system of organization declaring war and act upon the traditions and customs of its United States without any foriegn intervention from Independent states or federations 

Article 1.5

The USS Federal Banner is is a combination of Blue, representing expansionism, White representing pure government Red, representing the hard work it took to build the USS and Golden stars representing the members of The USS during the Golden Age

Article 1.6

All States have the explicit right to protect and defend their soveriegnty and the USS Members Rights Document is enforced and supported by the Constitution

Article 1.7

Member States have the responsibility of supporting and defending fellow comrades treason will result in eviction

Article 1.8

Member States have the right to the freedom of speech and expression aswell as the right to participate in the Directorate of The USS, attain the Marshallship, participate in the General Assembly, the Judiciary and have the explicit right to vote or call to attention negilence by the Directorate.

Article 1.9

The USS Government including the General Assembly, The Directorate, and The Judiciary have the right to pass laws neccessary and proper to undertake the tasks enumerated in the forthcoming Constitution

The Marshall

Article 2.0

The USS has a leader referred to as the Marshall State

Article 2.1

The Marhsall acts as head of the Federation and heads and appoints the Directorate 

Article 2.2

The Marshall is elected by the General Assembly from the General Assembly by popular vote if a deadlock occurs a revote is in order up to three times after a third deadlock the Marhsall is selected by the Judiciary 

Article 2.3

The Marshall serves for 10 years and may run for reelection multiple times aswell as resign 

Article 2.4

The Marshall has the express responsibilty to maintain activity in the federation through the calling of assemblies aswell as inviting and evicting members 

The Directorate

Article 3.0

The Directorate works along and supports the Marhsall in enforcing the General Assmeblys will aswell as overseeing the standard functions of the USS

Article 3.1

The Directorate is appointed by the Marshall after being elected and continue to serve until a new Marshall is chosen or they are dismissed by the Marshall

Article 3.2

The Following are the neccessary positions to be filled in the Directorate and their responsibilities

Minstry of Interior- The Minister of Interior reports to the Marshall on matters regarding the interior affairs of the Federation and individual member states they assist the Marshall in numerous capacities and encourage unity and cooperation among the United States. The Minister of Interior is in charge of USS Wiki pages and their updates aswell as assisting new members of the USS

Ministry of Foriegn Affairs- This Ministry is in charge of representing The USS abroad and reporting to the Marshall  regarding foriegn nations federations and intelligence the Ministry is in charge of all ammbassador actions and communication with foriegn federations 

Ministry of War- This Ministry reports to the Marshall regarding matters of defense and war this Ministry oversees the USS Colonial aswell as ensuring proper defense and organizing coalition forces 

Ministry of Finance-  This Ministry is in charge of reporting to the Marshall regarding finance and economic wellbeing of The USS they carry out all economic initiatives passed by the General Assembly aswell assisting members in terms of Finance.

General Assembly

Article 4.1

The General Assembly refers to all voting members of the USS 

Article 4.2

The General Assmebly is the most important branch of The USS and they act as the legislative branch of the Federation

Article 4.3

All members are allowed to vote and propose Referenda as per the Members Rights the members may choose to abstain

Article 4.4

The General Assembly has the sole right of declaring war and passing ammendments 

The Judiciary

Article 5.1

The Judiciary is elected by the General Assembly for a period of 30 year terms

Article 5.2

The Judiciary consists of any three States that are apart of the General Assembly

Article 5.3

The Judiciary has the responsibility of declaring acts approved by the General Assembly as Unconstitutional aswell aswell as actions by the Directorate

Article 5.4

The Judiciary has the responsibility of evicting members for treason aswell as evicting members from the General Assembly for lesser offenses

Article 5.5

The Judiciary has the responsibility of informing the Directorate and General Assembly of Provisions in the Constitution 

Article 5.6

The Judiciary has the responsibility of approving states of emergency proposed by the Directorate

Article 5.7

To Declare a Referenda or an action commited by the directorate as unconstitutional the Judiciary must pass a Declaration of Unconstitutionality by a 2/3s vote and must give ample evidence the the General Assembly and the Directorate explaining the Unconstitutionality aswell as citing the provision opposing the Referenda or Act

Article 5.8

The Judiciary must consider and vote on all Declarations of Unconstitutionality made by the General Assembly

Ammendment Process

Article 5.1

An Ammendment may be proposed by any member of the General Assembly 

Article 5.2

An Ammendment declares a change to the USS Constitution as supported by the General Assembly the Ammendments will be posted on this Wiki but to preserve The USS Constitution no word shall be deleted rather crossed out 

Article 5.3

Articles may be Added through the Ammendment process

Article 5.4

Ammendments must be passed by a supermajority of 90% in the General Assembly

Article 5.5

Ammendments will be added to the Constitution by the Judiciary Office and all the signatories of the opposition and the support will be added to the Ammendment


Samsin Valiga (An Saor Poblacht Ardglass) The USS Federation

Antonio Cameron (People's Republic of Brunswick) the Uss Federation

Racca (Kingdom of Andreanea) The USS Federation

Lewis Don (Republic of Scotland) The USS Federation

Tallisibeth na Colliete (East Heaven Kingdom) The USS Federation

Maxmutinium VII (Empire of Bretamania) The USS Federation

Wilhelm II Hohensteinburg (Kingdom of Aquitania) The USS Federation

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