The Socialist Democracy of Lundan
Noflag Nocoa
Motto: Ubi Invenimus In Domos Nostras
Anthem: {{{anthem}}}
 - World White Giant  
 - Continent Lacerta  
 - Region Shafield  
 - Capital Lundie  
 - Largest city Lundie  
Official languages Lundanese (hybrid of Aylied and Latin)
Regional Languages Lundanese, Aylied, Latin, Gaelic
Ethnic groups 25%%   Bosmer
  20%%   Pictish
  55%%   Lundanese (half Bosmer, half Pict)
Demonym Lundanese
Religion {{{Religion}}}
Government Socialist Democracy
 - Liberator Comrade
 - Sir {{{leader_name2}}}
Legislature Bicameral Legislature
 - Upper house Governor's House 
 - Lower house People's Delegates 
 - Formation March 7, 3237 
 - Lundin's revolt August 5, 3234 
 - Death of Lundin, the first battle of Lundie May 2, 3236 
 - Comrade Tillman's revival of the revolution July 5, 3236 
 - Second Battle of Lundie December 3, 3236 - February 18, 3237 
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 - Total SC${{{production_total}}} 
 - Production per capita SC${{{PPC}}} 
 - Federation [[{{{fed}}}]]
 - Common Market [[{{{cm}}}]]
 - Empire [[{{{empire}}}]]
Nominal Value US${{{value}}}
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URL [{{{url}}} Lundan] in Simcountry.

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Creation of Lundan

In the midst  of financial depression and tyrannic officials, the people of Lundan rose up to form a new government. Through a bloody revolution, the Lundanese overthrew their oppressive dictator, J. Cole Mane. The Lundanese Liberation Army (LLA), supported by numerous groups of resistance eventually pushed to the heart of the capital, and flew the banner on top of the clocktower of the parliamentary house

Lundin's Revolt

Bridge Ambush

J. Cole Mane's Elite Guards ambushed with explosives during Lundin's Revolt

On August 5th, 3234, a man by the name of Lundin organized a group of workers and military defects fed up with the oppressive dictator J. Cole Mane to ambush a regiment of Cole Mane's elite guard, Arane Cey, or, King's Shadow. A squad of Arane Cey were cut off from the main group that had been touring the area for a month in preparation for Cole Mane's arrival, and were caught off guard on a bridge where explosives were then thrown by Lundins battle group (at this time it was not the LLA) and swiftly destroyed. Their armor and weapons were then salvaged, and their  bodies were hung on the bridge. The rest of Arane Cey had been overrun by pro-seperatist civilians, inspired by Lundin's actions.  






Foreign Relations

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