The Republic of Mundari
Mandarr flag
Motto: O'Mandarr the wise, O'Mandarr the Beautiful
Anthem: The Internationale
 - World Kebir Blue  
 - Continent Virginia Bella  
 - Region Crane York  
 - Capital Mundari  
Official language English
Government Socialist State/province
 - Governor of the Provinces Andrew Current (SUP)
 - Formation 3515 
 - Total 19,470,032  
 - Total 181,994  
 - Percentage {{{army_percentage}}}%  
 - Total SC$83.13 
 - Production per capita SC${{{PPC}}} 
 - Federation Soviet Mandarran Republics
 - Common Market Unisov
 - Empire Province
Nominal Value US${{{value}}}
URL [{{{url}}} Mundari] in Simcountry.
The Republic of Mundari is a province in the Mandarran Union. The Mandarran Union has been described by many to be a Socialist Monarchy. But it is called a Republic because the Monarch, or Viceroy draws there power base from a political party. That political Party is the Socialist Unity Party. It currently holds all 125 seats in the Mundari regional congress. The word "Mundari" in the local language means  'Land of Swamps.'


Union Intergration

Mundari joined the Mandarran Union in 3515 and was the 3rd territory to do so. In the year 3510 a stable republic collapsed in Mundari, and a fascist government rose. After many humanitarian crises, the old Mandarran Workers Party ordered the invasion of Mundari. After a short bloody war, Mundari had become the 4th state in the old USWR and has been with the Union since.

Fall of the Workers Party

When the Workers Party collapsed in 3539 a wave of reforms swept the Union. Nationalists came to power in Revolution Center. Soon after they enacted austerity reforms that economically crippled the nation for almost 20 years. Soon after there was a major socialist recurrence and Viceroy Linda Vazquez was elected. Mundari saw a dramatic increase in the number of private collectives and the size of the military. After Viceroy Linda came into power they also saw an increase in welfare and social services.  It was during this time that tourists from Ruthenia introduced Mundarians to the Orthodox religion. It soon caught on fast in Mundari and as of 3580 over 10% of the population is a member of the Orthodox church.

Era of the Unity Party

After 24 years, Viceroy Linda Vazquez would succumb to a stroke and be succeeded by her son Hector Vazquez in 3575. Under his rule Mundarians saw an even more dramatic increase in infrastructure development, military spending, and Mundari received its first nuclear deterrent. Soon after the Viceroy would dissolve the Senate and form the Supreme Peoples Assembly in its place, this led to Regional Congress's being disbanded and regional Party Assemblies formed in their place. Also in 3580 Vanessa Vazquez, the Viceroy's wife was appointed Prime Minister and Governor of the Provinces. The beginning of her term was focused on provincial infrastructure development and the stabilizing of the budget.

In the 3590s during the rul of Viceroy Hector Vazquez protests broke out across the Union, including Mundari. Protests in Mundari grew violent when Nationalist shot into a Unity Party crowd, soon after all forms of public protest, and the carrying of firearms were banned.

Government and Policies

Government Type:  Socialist Monarchy

Governor of the Provinces:  Andrew Current(Socialist Unity Party)

Regional Congress:   125 seats

Leading Party: Socialist Unity Party(125 seats)

Regional Elections: 5 years

Foundation : 3515

Branches of Regional Government

Regional governments in the Mandarran Union are divided into 3 branches and are subordinate to the Federal government located in Mandarr. The 3 branches are the executive branch, (which is actually part of the Federal Government), the Provincial Assembly(Legislature), and the Regional Supreme Courts.  The Mundari  Congress and Mundari Supreme Court are located in the captial Mundari Center, while the executive branch, or Governor of the Provinces is located in the Mandarr capital, Revolution Center.

Provinces in the Mandarran Union are free to pass what ever laws they wish, as long as they don't contradict Federal Law, or laws passed in the National Government in Mandarr. Laws passed in a Provincial Assembly, only apply to people in that specific Province, and are called Regional Law. The Senate and national government located in Mandarr have the responsibility of making nationwide laws.


Mundari Assembly Building

Mundari Provincial Assembly

The Mundari Provincial Congress is made up of 125 congressmen who represent the counties they are elected from. The Congress is chaired by a President of the Congress who is elected locally and has no federal influence. Since the Nationalist Party has been banned an the Republican Party has disbanded, the Socialist Unity Party has maintained a monopoly hold on the Mundari congress.

President of the Mundari Assembly Party Terms Years
Karen Finnagin Peoples Republican Party 3 3540-3555
Nikko Richie Peoples Republican Party 2 3555-3565
John C. Howard Socialist Unity Party 4 3565-TBD
Political Parties
Party Seats in congress
Nationalist Party(Banned) .0
Peoples Republican Party(disbanded) 0
Socialist Unity Party 125

Governor of the Provinces

The Governor of the provinces is the regional director for all Mandarr provinces. The Governor aids the Viceroy in Revolution Center , in the daily running of the states. Its the Governor's job to be sure that all regional governments are functioning efficiently. It is also the governors duty to approve or veto laws passed by the Provincial Assembly. The Governor is appointed and reaffirmed by the Viceroy every 5 years.

The Governor also appoints judges for the Regional Supreme Courts. The Governor also sets corporate tax rates, and government salaries.

Mundari Regional Supreme Court

The Mundari Supreme Court is a court made up of 9 appointed judges who are not members of any political party. The Governor of the Provinces makes the appoints, Supreme Court appointments are normally for

Mundari Supreme Court House

life. Even though Judges aren't allowed to officially be apart of political parties, it is common knowledge most judges have political leanings. The Mundari Supreme Court reviews every law passed by the Regional Assembly and ensures it follows federal laws, and the constitution. There is also a regional criminal court system in Mundari. It is made up of many local districts headed by District Judges. District judges are elected ever 5 years in district elections, that occur at the same time as the national elections. 


The Mundari economy is a half and half mix of private and state collectives. It is unique and has some of the largest food producing collectives in the Union. When the old Workers Party took over in 3515 massive industrialization quickly begun. With an emphasis on private collectives. The infrastructure was quickly developed and maintained since. Due to the climate the roads flood quite often and require extra maintenance. Due to uncomfortable climate Mundari has never  made much income from tourism. 


Industry  Production Value
Food 7.52B
Mining 4.12B
Industrial  19.52B
Services 2.88B
Government 0
Construction 6.01B
High Tech 21.16B
Utility 3.13B
Agriculture 0
Recreational 0
Defence 9.53B
TOTAL 83.41B

Geography and Climate

The Mundari climate is very humid and hot. Mundari is a few inches below sea level so most of the country is swamp lands with a few cities and villages mostly along the coast. In the inland of the country cities and villages are far between, many Mundarians who live in the swamp lands live in house boats and make a living fishing and hunting alligator. The average temperature in Mundari is 95F degrees. The Northern borders of Mundari have a slight elevation and lead into the Mandarr plains. 


Mundari has a rich culture with many different influences. The culture is a mix of Mandarr politics, Hinidi and orthodox religion, and local influences. Since Mundari is so full of swamp land, fishing is a major source of food and income in Mundari. Due to its climate and geography Mundari isn't a very popular place for tourists, but it has a lot to offer. Many other citizens of the Mandarran Union have come to Mundari to see its beautiful orthodox churches.


Music in Mundari is like that of any other nation in the Mandarran Union. It is a melting pot of regional influences, religious music, and Mandarran
Agni Parthene - Valaam Brethren Choir-007:53

Agni Parthene - Valaam Brethren Choir-0

Mundari Choir Group

pop culture. Mundari music is unique in that there are many orthodox choir groups that tour the country. There is a large christian orthodox population in Mundari, which makes that type of music very locally popular. Due to the isolated nature of the Mundari swamp lands, and the normally hard life experienced by the people living there, has led to the evolution of a very unique style of blues that has become world renowned.



Mundari Cathedral

Religion in Mundari is unique, as it is the only Mandarran province with a very large christian community. The Orthodox Church holds the majority in the Mundari Christian community. In Mundari the Orthodox Church is known as the Apostolic Church. The Mundari Church is controlled by the Archdiocese of Mundari under the leadership of Archbishop Ignatios. Mundari is home to many large Orthodox churches, and they are a popular tourist destination. 


Mundari cuisne is typical for any Mandarran Province. Its primarily plant based with Rice being a very popular stable. Popular local foods include grilled alligator(from the swamps), fish on a stick, fried rice and vegtables with local seasoning, and many other courses. Desserts are normally fried pastries with some kind of sweet fruit or vegtable filling. Ice cream has also recently taken Mundari by storm. 

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