The Kingdom of New Wales is a constitutional monarchy found on White Giant in the Bavaro Bello region. It is the main and lead country of The Unique Realm. Founded in August of 3405 by Australian refugees the country was named after one of Australia's provinces New South Wales. Thus many of the country's institution's are modeled on that of Australia.

Capital: Caerdyf

Flag flown: Australia

Language(s): English (Australian)

Demonym: New Welsh, New Welshman

Climate: Temperate, sub-tropical

Population: 95% white (Aussie whites make up 90% of total, with 5% other whites), 5% other races


King - the king is head of state. The monarchy is hereditary.

Executive Council - advise the king on matters of government

Senate - the upper house of the legislature. Can initiate, review and approve legislation. Has 70 members.

National Assembly - the lower house of the legislature. Has 150 members. Each member is popularly elected to five year terms.

High Court of New Wales - highest court in the land. Consists of seven (7) judges.

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