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The Political State in I.U.C is first and foremost an Absolute Monarchy. However all member nations of the Imperial Union vary in terms of local government (government of the member nation) The People’s Republic of Ishval is a socialist state, yet the neighboring Kingdom of Nevronda is a monarchy, all states are loyal to the Empress Andrea Souza von Hohensteinburg


The Helot is the name given to the Constantino Bicameral Legislator. It’s main purpose is to take the suggestions made by the Polliuro, and make it law. The Polliburo and Helot, roughly goes through 400 proposals and at least 100 becoming laws. It has 100 Senators from all parts of the empire, and Nine Districts (labeled 1 to 9) to cover specific operations like District 6 is Public Works while District Nine is Techonology and Space Advancement. Although being an absolute monarchy, the Imperial Union’s  Helot System is divided between The Citizen Floor and Imperial Dagnet. Domestic and Civil Laws come through the Polliburo and up to the Senate, while Imperial Dagnet laws come from the Throne, to the Senate and to the Polliburo.

Noticable Laws Passed

Noticable Laws passed in the last decade by the people and the Empress.

  • Gay Marriage became legal in 3239 across all nations in the Imperial Union
  • Legalization of Marijuana was official in Ishval, Noravea and Alabasta as 3241, although it is still in debate in Kingdom of Constantine. 

  • Hexvalent Law: Corporations now are required to be inspected by the Dai Li and follow through with Worker Pension Apparatus’. 

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