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Known Information

The Forerunners have no nationality, they are forgotten, they are exiles of White Giant and various others, seeing the Chimera as gods, they are known to be extremely intelligent and agressive.

Gaius’s and Dr. Yamato’s work paid off heavily with the upstart of Project Abraham and the Olympian Program, the Constantino ISF was finally authorized by Empress Andrea, following their stationing at Mount Olympus to battle the Forerunners.

The Forerunners Society are descendants of those banished by Emperor Julius Souza in 3187, during the time Crysis served as an exile base, instead of a planet to colonize. These people became hardy survivors, then came into contact with The Chimera, a race from Pelagius XVI, the closes solar system to Centau Dos. They became the Forerunners, using chimeran technology, and they subdued much of the wilds in their sector of Crysis, known as The Falinesti, a rough mountainous cold terrain, filled with dangerous animals once endangered in Constantine, now roam freely in this region. There is only one major city in the Falinesti, called Pyandonea, Forerunner population exceeds 12 million so far as 3242, ISF has quickly tried to began settlement but progress has been hindered heavily by Forerunner raids. The Forerunners stand tall compared to other humanoids at 225 centimeters (7ft 6 in) and 444 pounds without their armor. Only a few have been captured, and a smaller number have survived.

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