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This bill was proposed by the delegation from the Republic of Ossory in 3478 and again in 3501 on belhalf of the Civil Democratic Union . It calls for a standardised provision of emergency relief resources to be quickly deployed to any member of the federation without delay.


Earthquakes and other natural disasters cause considerable disruption to the afflicted country. With the possibility of many deaths and destruction of corporations, the economy of a member state could be forced into a recovery period of years. This is prolonged if there are inadequate resources to shelter and care for the displaced survivors.

It is in the interest of the federation to ensure the stability of it's member states and by extension their financial affairs. Therefore it is necessary to maintain a standardised emergency relief force to prevent economic damage that can be easily avoided.

Units such as food units, electric generators, fuel units, innoculation units and tents are the most important resources when an earthquake occurs.

Protocol for an emergency

Afflicted countries should:

  1. Make use of the resources allocated for their own disasters
  2. Appeal for aid through the federation messaging system

Assisting countries should:

  1. Make sure that they have at least 25 cargo airplanes ready for delivery of resources
  2. Have at least one airport that can launch these planes
  3. Send help as soon as an appeal is made
  4. Replace resources as soon as possible after they are sent to an afflicted member state
  5. Adhere to the requirements below

Resource Requirements

Emergency Resource For Federation For Member State Total
Building Materials Units 20 20 40
Building Teams 20 20 40
Chemical Hazards Materials Units 5 5 10
Chemical Hazards Teams 5 5 10
Chemical Hazards Units 5 5 10
Cleanup Units 10 10 20
Electric Generators 40 40 80
Emergency Building Units 30 30 60
Field Hospital Materials Units 30 30 60
Field Hospital Teams 30 30 60
Field Hospitals 30 30 60
Field School Materials Units 30 30 60
Field School Teams 30 30 60
Field Schools 30 30 30
Fuel Units 50 50 100
Food Units 50 50 100
Helicopter Materials Units 10 10 20
Helicopters 10 10 20
Innoculation Units 30 30 60
Nuclear Cleanup Materials Units 10 10 20
Nuclear Cleanup Teams 10 10 20

Nuclear Cleanup Units

10 10 20
Tents 50 50 100
Trucks 40 40 80

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