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This legislation was proposed by Andrew of the Communist Party of the Soviet Federation during the first meeting of Soviet Council in 3501. In essence the document is further regulation of the SovECON.


All members need to meet or surpass index goals in order to attain certification. Member states that do not meet the goals will be named by the finance minister and be given advice on how to improve the situation. The goal of this legislation is to help struggling member states and create an economic standard within the Soviet Federation. Any new member wishing to join the soviet common market needs to meet a AA ranking before they can join. The legislation is to include a ranking system the indicates the degree to which member states adhere to guidelines. The legislation also includes a tier system. Tier system 1 is for countries that wish to focus on their welfare and overall well-being. Tier System 2 is for countries that wish to improve their cash reserves. Members must follow only one system and must let finance minister know which system they have chosen to follow.

Corporate Regulations

No soviet-owned corporations are to be built in a country below AA rating. Buying of shares is to be done at your own risk and is in no way regulated by this legislation. 

Index Values

The proposal indicated that certain thresholds need be met with regard to the important indexes named below. Depending on how many values are met, countries will attain certification. More information follows the chart below. Tier System 1 is significantly more complicated to value than Tier System 2.

Tier System 1

Index Desired Value
Education 120
Health 120
Transport 120
Welfare 120
Social Security 100
Employment 90

Tier System 2

Index Value
Finance 150


Depending on how many targets have been successfully met, the member state will receive a temporary rating that is assigned by the Ministry of Finance each twenty years.

Tier System 1

Number of Targets Met Rank
4 or 5 AA
2 or 3 A
1 S
0 N

Tier System 2

Finance Index Target Rank
Above 150 AAA
135 - 150 AA
120 - 135 A
90 - 120 S
Below 90 N


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