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The Confederacy was a period of Soviet history from democratisation until the introduction of the Constitution of the Soviet Federation. This spanned 126 years, from 3011 until 3137 (Kebir Blue). During this period of time the federation grew signficantly larger, more government departments were established, and an alliance was furnished with NATO on White Giant. There were 15 governments established during the Confederacy, all with basic aims in mind: economic growth, military expansion, and diplomatic stability. Despite the success of the system during the 31st century, a series of poor leaders from 3101 until 3126 led to questions about the viability of the structures and practices of Soviet governance. The most significant issue was the degree to which the government was federated. In the last ten years of the Confederacy, Devlin focused on creating a new document and new systems to run the federation. In 3137 the Confederacy formally collapsed, replaced by the Centralem.

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