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The Concord Era is a period of Soviet History following the Duplex. Governed from the Fourth Soviet Constitution and dating from 3615, significant constitutional and electoral changes were made compared to the Duplex. These included a abolition of political parties and the fusing of legislative and executive functions of government. The size of the legislative, now called politburo was increased to 6 while the Supreme Court was also made bigger with the number of judges rising from 2 to 3.

List of Governments during the Concord

Seventy-Fifth Soviet Government (3615 - 3638)

The Seventy Fifth government was the first government of the Concord Era. Making it the first election in centuries in which political parties were not a major factor in the implementation of a government. The start of the Concord witnessed a increased spike of activity, with intense competition for most executive positions. Throughout the course of the government, various minor changes to the electoral procedure were passed.

Premier Duration Politburo Cabinet


Soviet RSFSR

September 3615

January 3638

Tony (22)

Richard (17)

Lego (17)

Khome (12)

Philip (8)

Green (8)

Vice Premier - Philip

Interior - Green

Defence - Tony

Finance - Khome

Foreign Affairs - Philip

Seventy-Sixth Soviet Government (3638 - 3650)

The Seventy Sixth Soviet Government was the first government in which during the elections, self voting was prohibited under constitutional changes during the previous government. Throughout the course of the government a number of crucial changes to defence and economic policy were brought under voting, and were passed with moderate opposition or tension. The Government was concluded in the 3649 Politburo meeting after legislation related to Admissions was passed unanimously.

Premier Duration Politburo Cabinet


Soviet RSFSR

January 3638

March 3650

Tony (20)

Richard (19)

Lego (14)

Philip (13)

Satomi (13)

Gord (10)

Interior - Philip

Defence - Tony

Finance - Richard/Philip

Foreign Affairs - Gord

Seventy-Seventh Soviet Government (3650 - 3680)

Premier Duration Politburo Cabinet

Soviet RSFSR

March 3650

April 3580

Richard (34)

Phillip (14)

Lego (12)

Satomi (12)

Green (10)

Gord (9)

Interior - Satomi

Defense - Richard/Phillip

Finance - Gord

Foreign Affairs - Green

Information Research - Phillip

Independent Voice - Lego

Seventy-Eighth Soviet Government (3680 - present)

Premier Duration Politburo Cabinet

The Highlandic Federation

March 3650

April 3680

Philip (34)

Andrew (28)

Lego (13)

Khome (13)

Green (9)

Gord (3)

Interior - Lego

Defence - Khome

Finance - Philip/Andrew

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