Symbol of the Communist Party of the Soviet Federation

Political party founded in 3498 when the Socialist Movement split. Also known as the Vanguard Movement. The vanguard movement has been a key player in federation politics. In the election of the 66th government of the Soviet Federation, the Vanguard Party won the election for Premier with 75% of the vote.


Vanguard Marxism-Lenninism. We are committed to building socialism and committed to the transformation of Kebir Blue to Kebir Red. We believe in the power of the soviet council and democracy.


The Socialist Union of Mandarr


The People's Republic of Malizi


La Republica del Eranti


The communist party of the Soviet Federation has put out many proposals since its formation in 3498

Title Result
The Economic Advice Act Passed(5-0)
Datacommons Passed(3-0, 2 absent)
Unification Act Passed(4-1)

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