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The Commonwealth of Croatic.
Motto: "Terrae Scientia."

"The Land of Knowledge."

 - World White Giant  
 - Continent Draca Mixor  
 - Region Great Salman  
 - Capital Valkary  
Official language 1.Korean

2.Latin 3.English

Government Republic
 - The Honorable- Lolzz101
 - Formation  
 - Total 11,259,299  
 - Total 344,413  
 - Percentage {{{army_percentage}}}%  
 - Total SC${{{production_total}}} 
 - Production per capita SC${{{PPC}}} 
 - Federation Ailon Nova Guard
 - Common Market [[{{{cm}}}]]
 - Empire Single country
Nominal Value US$8.06B SC$
URL The Commonwealth of Croatic. in Simcountry.

The Commonwealth of Croatic-

The inhabitants' of the commonwealth started out as a nomadic state. Over time it began to industrialize like any other country. The cluster of city-states combined to form the: Commonwealth of Croatic. It's capital is Valkary the political, economic, cultural, and social power "house of the commonwealth.It's also known as: 'The Common Wealth'


The Commonwealth of Croatic map

The Commonwealth's military-

The Commonwealth of Croatic focuses on Offensive more then defensive. The CommonWealth's military continues to expand dramatically.

Total manpower log:

Jan,21,3008: 344,413

The Cultural Revolution

The Nomads that originally inhibited the commonwealth were refugees from neighboring kingdoms. They moved into the commonwealth to seek their free religious practices of the Horned Goddess, without persecution. When the nomads establisished their first settlement: Valkary they set up a shrine to the Horned Goddess in front of the Ivory Tower. With the population mostly Wiccan, more then half of the settlements' were run by Wiccan governments.So when the city-states formed the Common Wealth of Croatic the first government was a Wiccan setup.

Culture and Religion changes.

In 2990, most of the populous were Wiccan (75.6%) over the years, the Commonwealth grew out of the Cultural Revolution and Science, Mathematics, and the study of many Medical fields changed the views' towards Religion. In Feb, 21, 3,000 The population was 68.7% Atheist/Agnostic. 22% of the population remained Wiccan and the rest un-known. Cultural changes came with the religious point of view changing quickly. Instead of traditional clothing then went to a more 'trendy' type used in other country's'. Wonder about space, anatomy, architecture, literature, etc. the sudden changes are seen as taboo to most people.

A Whole New World



In 2980 the Common Wealth spread beyond the Konachi River and into the plains. Establishing more trading ports and trails. The economy grew majorly in 2990 it was nearly ten times what it was before the expansion. The plains are rich in minerals, so it has a completely different culture then the western half of the country. Which leads to disputes between leaders and a threat of a civil war is imminent, but most likely not going to happen.


The Ivory Tower

A changing wind

The Commonwealth has been changing rapidly. It's  population, industry, and economy. have been one of the centers. Luxury items become widely available in 3000. The prime minister tries to  make sure that no culture crashes and riots occur. Croatic's inhabitants are happy with the government, except the large increase in military spending. Parliament usually argues that it's tp protect the civilians, but there's no incoming conflict.

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