The Coastline federation, official page

The Coastline federation foundation

The coastline federation, also known as the CF was formed by Raven wood, built from the UTRW - United territories of Raven Wood. The federation currently consists of two world leaders, it holds a total of seven countries. The federation has no allies, no treaties and therefore no boundaries in effect. It labels the Soviet federation and the Unique federation as rivals, however it encourages co-operation between the members of all federations. The CF is small in leaders and currently a dictatorship without a constitution, clear regulations have been noted on request, although the federation is generally relaxed.

During 3701 the CF military test fired over 8 nuclear missiles, this attracted global attention, as a result Dylan21227 lost the right to purchase nuclear assets due to a vote at the Security council. Tony.W slammed the vote as provocative and declared solidarity with his counterpart Dylan21227, promising a response of some form.

3709, Tony.W orders the CF military on high alert and issues a snap military exercise in the East of KB. As up to 400,000 thousand troops fly over, the CF logistics and leaders get an overdue test. The CF officially announce this as a direct response to the Security council vote...... TO BE CONTINUED ;)




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