Saint Demetrios
First Patriarch of Beretea
Born 942
Died: 1019
Buried: Hagia Triada, Auronopolis
Nationality: Kormenian
Feast: 3 July
Honored in: Orthodox Church
Canonized: 2368 by Patriarch Pantelis I
Attributes: Vested as a Bishop with omophorion, holding a Gospel Book
Mayor Shrine: Eudoxion

Demetrios of Beretea, was bishop of Beretea and appointed as the first Ecumenical Patriarch of Beretea and one of the founders of the Kormenian Orthodox Church.

He precided the Council of Beretea and consagrated the kings of Kormenia, founding the Kingdom of Kormenia and proclaimed the state religion of the korimi people.

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