Spartan League formation

The Spartan League had its beginnings on August 10, 3761 when four countries on Kebir Blue, The Crowned Republic of Venice, The Kingdom of Zephyrus, The Principality of Dubrovnik and The Republic of Velfrax formed the Elite States League federation which would eventually become the Spartan League. The Crowned Republic of Venice left on its own accord in December 3762 to rejoin The Unique federation. However that country and its capital New Venice remain the economic mainstay of the newly formed federation and the seat of the Great Palms Union common market, to which all members of the Spartan League belong, is head quartered in New Venice. The city of Sparta became the capital and seat of the new federation.

After much debate a new constitution came into effect and on August 8, 3763 the Spartan League Constitution was signed. Thus on that date the Spartan League Federation was born. The federation's goals is to promote oligarchy and aristocracy as forms of government, to defend member states, continued focus on military training and excellence, to establish and maintain a premier education system, and to uphold Spartan values and way of life.

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