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This piece of Legislation was produced by Councillor Andrew of the 71st Soviet Government.


With membership in the Soviet Federation full, and new members having to wait to get in. It has now become necessary to remove individuals who are not active in our system. This will also remove the need to send 'activity' messages to determine who is active or not.

If approved these articles will apply to all Soviet members.

Article 1-Voting

All Soviet members must participate in National Elections via voting for candidates of their choice. during the provided time. Failure to do so should result in a warning, and if there is no reply within a 5 day period, with a good reason(as judged by the supreme court) for not voting then the expulsion process should begin immediately.

Provision 1-Article 1

Any Soviet member going through a personal crisis, sick, or are on an announced vaction should be excused

Provision 2-Article 1

If any Soviet member feels the candidates up for election do not match their ideologies or ideas, members should be allowed to send in 'spoil ballot' or 'abstain' and the vote should be counted as such

Article 2- Expulsion Process

The expulsion process should begin after the 5 day period if no reply, or reason for not voting is received. The process is to be managed by the Supreme Court official that is hosting the elections. If no reply or reason is given the Judge is to name the individual for eviction

Provision 1- Article 2

Expulsion process can be stopped for special reasons via a council vote

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