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This legislation was written by Andrew, of the Soviet Federal Progressive Party in 3585 at the beginning of 72nd Soviet Government


The purpose of this legislation is to prevent the split of the Soviet Federation. During the 3560s-present politics in the Soviet Federation has been dominated by the debates on the merger. Debates got so heated that it almost drove the Federation into civil war. This legislation will prevent wars over mergers from happening.


All mergers proposed to the Supreme Council and executive of the Soviet Federation must ensure the independence and sovereignty  of the present government. In order to be voted on and passed, all proposed mergers must be Pro-Soviet. Pro-Soviet means there is no name change, members of the merging federation must disband there Federation and join the Soviet.A special provision exsists for this rule.

Provision 1

If a merger that is not pro-soviet is proposed and gains 66% membership support, it can be voted on in a federation wide referendum. But it can only pass if 100% of the Soviet membership votes in the referendum and votes in favor.

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