SFIA, 3395

The SFIA, or Soviet Federation Industrial Alliance, was formed in 3230 after a referendum in the Soviet Federation. It is the operator of numerous "federal" corporations across Kebir Blue. These are businesses that are run in states through federal money and expertise. The director of the SFIA has generally been the minister of finance. In the late 3300s the Soviet Federation Development Fund (SFDF) was formed to provide additional economic support.


The SFIA was set up in order to help meet development goals of various Soviet member states. In the 3200s many national economies were weak and there was broad support for a new way to strengthen development. The proposal was easily passed and work set out, very slowly at first, to set up a functional organisation. Since its inception, it has played a vital role in creating stability and growth. Talks have been in the works to launch a second "federal corporation" though there is some debate about whether it would be sustainable.


Management of the SFIA has changed someone over time. It went from steady governance to being directly managed by the finance minister. New economic reforms were introduced by Keppy in 3395 making it necessary for the governor of the SFIA to be the leader of a state that belongs to the SovECON. Since this point, there has been significant prestige in being the Minister of Finance as it means running both the SovECON as well as the SFIA.


In accordance with the Soviet Federation Regulatory Finance System all states wishing to have development must comply with the listed tax and social security recommendations. Most member states past and present have complied, and as a result the SFIA has been able to keep building across the planet.

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