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The Soviet Federation Development Fund is an enterprise
corporation operated by the Soviet Ministry of Finance. It, along with Soviet Federation Industrial Alliance (SFIA), helps drive Soviet national economies and connects the various member states in other formal culture groups. The SFDF came into being in 3395 after laws about its conception were passed by majority.

The company has been managed by the Minister of Finance since its beginnings. It operates corporations in virtually every Soviet member state. It has been a popular part of the SovECON.

The logo was designed by Emily of the Socialist Union of Farr during a contest held by then-premier Keppy. The colours represent the diversity of the Soviet Federation while the flowers symbolise prosperity. All official communiqué from the SFDF contains the seal along with its stylised name. The company is currently being headed by Devlin.

In accordance with the Soviet Federation Regulatory Finance System all states wishing to have development must comply with the listed tax and social security recommendations. Most member states past and present have complied, and as a result the SFIA has been able to keep building across the planet.

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