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Following the 3535 introduction of an excange programme between public and privates universities in Imperial Union of Gaia and the Socialist Union of Mandarr, Green proposed legislation that would allow for the creation of the Soviet Federal University System (SFUS). This system is designed to provide a culturally, linguisticly, and academically rich experience for youth in all Soviet member states. Whereas existing national structures will remain, this system is designed to operate approximately twenty universities, opened by charter, across the Soviet Federation. It was adopted at a council session in 3540.


The text of the proposed document follows.

Given the extreme yet intangible value that cultural exchange can offer to youth in particular, the Soviet Federation is compelled to set up and maintain a Soviet Federal University System. This system will meet the following criteria in order to be of maximal utility to the federation at large.

The system will be funded exclusively from the Federation and from the state running the university. Exisiting as well as new universities will be considered.

For a university to be opened, the member state must submit a charter request to the Soviet Affairs bureau to be approved for service. The executive branch is responible for managing requests for universities to enter.

A university must have a dedicated site to showcase its programmes and services in order to be considered for a charter.

All member states are eligible to submit a charter and will not be discriminated against on the basis of the economic status of the country. Nations that can demonstrate their ability to provide cultural or economic advantage above the normal threshold will be allowed to submit an additional charter. No member state may have more than two universities.

All universities will have locally-developed programmes but will have to conform with quotas determined by the Soviet Affairs bureau. All efforts should be made to ensure that members have access to reliable and sustainable higher education services.

All students should be subject to entrance examinations offered in any recognised language of the Soviet Federation.

Critical Response

This was one of the few pieces of legislation from that did not gather a significant amount of detraction from general membership. While most in the federation approved of the legislation, Redo of the CDU opposed the financing structure and therefore cast his vote against it. Nonetheless the council adopted it in 3540.


The Original Four were the first universities to apply for charters and were accepted with the passing of the legislation in 3540. These four universities represented veteran republics of the Soviet Federation: Greenwood, Staraya, Coastal Rock, and the Volusian Confederacy. Beyond this there are several members of the Soviet People's University, a public entity that is run federally for the benefit of the brightest soviets.

Institution State Est Enrol Faculties Joined
Original Four
Rockshire University Coastal Rock 3231 50,000

Arts, Science


Adanac Central       University

Volusian Confederacy 2998 12,000 Law, Education 3540
Republican National University Starayan Republic 3373 83,000 Science, Medicine, Engineering 3540
Port Hamilton College Greenwood 3364 11,000 Arts, Commerce, Law 3540
Newer Universities
Coral Institute of Technology Imperial Union of Gaia 3265 21,000 Science, Medicine, and Engineering 3540
Soviet People's University Nation Est Enrol Faculties Join
SPURC (Revolution Center) Socialist Union of Mandarr 3537 40,000 Science, Economics 3540
SPULC (Liberty Center) Socialist Union of Mandarr 3537 17,000 Arts 3540
SPUF (Faubourg) Caraden 3537 11,000 Engineering, Technology 3540
SPUH (Halifax) Volusian Conferacy 3541 27,000 Arts, Economics 3541
SPUPKR (Petrograd, Kalin, Rayon) Starayan Republic 3545 16,000 Arts, Science, Engineering 3545

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