Sofoklis Stavras
Sofoklis Stavlas
Born November 29, 3170
Died October 15, 3254 (aged 84)
Profession Teacher, Lawyer, Diplomat, Philosopher
Interests History, Politics, Diplomacy, Philosophy, Law, and Languages
Sofoklis Alexandros Stavlas (November 29, 3170 – October 15, 3254) was a humanist, diplomat, poet, legislator, philosopher, educator and philologist, whose political and literary works constitute an important part of Ruthene culture. He was born in what is now Ruthenia, then part of Parsian Empire, but later in life became a citizen of Ruthenia and one of the best lawyers of Ruthene history.

Life in Carantia

Stavlas was the first son of the lawyer don Bartolomeo Stavlas and Ana Antonia Bergonzoni, who parents descended from people from the Agionite Islands. He was born in Carati and grew up studying at the academy of Arcadia. He also frequented the Convent of holy trinity, where he studied Latin under Father Cristophoros of Queleia.

He studied Liberal Arts, Law and Medicine at the University of Arcadia and graduated on May 9, 3190 with a degree of Bachelor of Arts. He later became known for his early writings and translations, edited the newspaper Gazzetta of Arcadia and held important offices in the government of the Kingdom of Mauria.

Life in Ruthenia

In 3220 he accepted a post in the Ruthene Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Auronopolis, under the administration of Konstantinos I, he gladly accepted the post and was later named Zevgos of the Senate. As Senator, Sofoklis founded the University of St. Stephanos in 3223 and held a position as Rector for the remainder of his life. Until his death, Stavlas worked tirelessly to train the young minds of the new state. Such brilliant thinkers and writers as Patroklos Katsalidis and Francesco Balboa were influenced by their time with Stavlas.

In 3234 was appointed as Chairman of the Supreme Court of Arbitration of Ruthenia and created the Civil Code of Ruthenia a petition of the Basileus, finishing in 3235.

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