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The Socialist Movement is the former name of a still-active political organisation in the Soviet Federation. It was founded in 3348 as the affiliation Federal Social Democrat. Keppy led the organisation for 54 years until she left office and subsequently died in a plane crash on White Giant. Green of Caraden and Zach of The Soviet Republic of Westam led the party thereafter. The party has been consistently the largest and most influential in the history of The League with ten governments (six under Keppy). The organisation has had different names over time.

The Socialist Movement was instrumental in the democratic transition of 3500 which saw the introduction of The Duplex. However, one of the byproducts of the transformation was the split of the party into the Vanguards and FedSA for largely practical reasons. Since that point the party has been widely regarded as the leading party of the federation after winning four governments under both party names since 3500. In 3543 FedSA collapsed and the Vanguards have carried on the name.


"Federal Social Democrat" 3348-3386

"Socialists" 3386-3457

"The Movement" 3457-3500

"Vanguards" coloured red along with "FedSA" coloured green 3500-3543

"Vanguards" 3543-present

LEADERS during the League

Party leaders during The League ran in elections for premier. There were three leaders of the party during the 152 years that The League lasted. Zach and Green traded leadership roles during the latter half, both of which hosted two governemnts each.

Keppy, 3348-3402 (ran six governments)

Zach, 3402-3424

Green, 3424-3434 (ran one government)

Zach, 3434-3457 (ran two governments)

Green, 3457-3500 (ran one government)

LEADERS during the Duplex

During The Duplex the party was not led by the candidate running for premier. Rather, the party leader sat on council. This was an ideological decision made before 3500 when FedSA and the Vanguards split. Andrew and Green both felt that the party should be led from the Council rather than from the office of the Premier. The Council has been the generator of political initiatives while the Premier has been centred on  managing the affairs of the federation. Green and Andrew have both served as party leader and serve to be the engine of the Vanguards.

Andrew, 3500-3525 (as Soviet Councillor)

Green, 3525-present (as Soviet Councillor)

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