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The Sixty-Third Soviet Government was an open race which featured the entrace of a new major political party, the Civil Democratic Union . Following the unexpected departure of Green, leadership of the Socialist Movement passed onto Andrew. The election was focused on cultural values of the federation, namely socialism and economic stability.


Candidate Party Vote (1st ballot) Vote (2nd ballot)
Devlin CDU 42 per cent 53 per cent
Andrew Socialist Movement 36 per cent 47 per cent
Lego Independent 15 per cent -
Voltaire Independent 7 per cent -


Andrew of the Socialist Movement:

Khome of People's Republic of Malizi

Devlin of the Civil Democratic Union

Mike of the Republic of Romanam

Government Activity

The government came in with the intention to introduce reform. However, opposition from the Movement led, in the late 3480s, to a compromise to end the League. This was concurrent with the 3490 Election.

Premier - Devlin (Kingdom of Greenwood)

Soviet Affairs - Satomi (Imperial Union of Gaia)

Finance - Mike (Republic of Romanam)

Defense - Devlin (Kingdom of Greenwood)

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