The Sixty-Fourth Soviet Government was the final government of The League. It worked to implement a new constitution, ultimately signed in the late 3490s. As a result, in 3500 The Duplex was established.


Candidate Party Vote (1st ballot) Vote (2nd ballot)
Andrew Socialist Movement 40 per cent 55 per cent
Devlin CDU 36 per cent 45 per cent
Lego Independent 24 per cent -


Andrew of the Socialist Movement:

Khome of People's Republic of Malizi

Green of Caraden

Devlin of the Civil Democratic Union

Mike of the Republic of Romanam

Philip of White Highlands

Government Activity

The government collapsed after ten years of hard work established a new constitution. No formal cabinet was formed; instead the premier consulted widely with member states in order to ensure a smooth transition into The Duplex.

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