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The Sixtieth Soviet Government was a third consecutive socialist government and marked the real return to form of the Socialist Movement following the death of Keppy. The tense animosity between the Liberals and Violets led to the dissolution of both parties following the previous election. In its place Tony formed a new alliance, the Soviet Workers Party. The election loss was very narrow.


Candidate Party Vote (1st ballot) Vote (2nd ballot)
Zach Socialist Movement 52 per cent not required
Tony Soviet Workers Party 48 per cent not required


Zach of the Socialist Movement:

Green of Caraden

Tony of the Soviet Workers Party:

Mike of The Republic of Romanam 

Government Activity

Zach took office again in 3446 and created a new cabinet with the same composition. He made communication and growth high priorities and introduced an agenda to combat problems that everyday Soviet member states faced.

Premier - Zach (Soviet Republic of Westam)

Foreign Affairs - Khome (People's Republic of Malizi)

Domestic Affairs - Lego (Starayan Republic)

Finance - Myon (United Tombre)

Defense - Tony (Coastal Rock)

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