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Second Kaledonnian War
Reichsheer Occupation Troops in Sieländ

June 3184 - November 3184




Decisive Aquitanian Victory, Treaty of Westlairen (3185)


3030 Aquitanian Flag Aquitanian Empire

Kingdom of Bohemia


Friedrich II

Karl II von Helggen

Emil Hácha

Václav Havel




Casualties and Losses

1,580 Killed, 1,135 Wounded, 540 Captured

9,870 Killed, 3,000+ Wounded, 6,672 Captured

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The Second Kaledonnian War was the second conflict on the Kaledonnian Basin as a result of escalating tensions in the 32nd Century. It began in 3184 with the June Balloon Incident, which left 3 Aquitanian soldiers dead.


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