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Soviet Workers Party 

The Soviet Workers Party, or commonly known as the SWP, was founded by Tony.w on September 5th 3454. The party operates within the Soviet federation and is listed as an official party. It is yet to win an election, Tony is currently the sole leader of the party.


The SWP has a primary objective, to fight for those, who work for others. The party will focus on membership key issues like recruitment, activity and regular meetings. Any Countries within the federation that are not working for the federation or that are inactive will be put up for eviction, then the working membership will have a say in the future of that country. The SWP will always look to staff a full cabinet and aim to keep all ministers busy, not to mention a vice premier will be appointed.


Party bills 

The SWP intends to propose a few bills to the membership to debate and vote on, spurring activity and debates. Currently they are:

The suspension of the citizen ship test - The aim here is to rather than deter new members by asking them to take a test, we shall be letting them in straight off to abide by our rules. Effectively this may boost recruitment.

July the 13th  - Soviet day -  All Soviets should gather at least one day a year, not just to remember Keppys passing, but a celebrated day for members to share with one another.

Party voting - if you are a member of a party within the federation, you cannot vote for that party. Either vote for another or abstain from voting.

Finance check - Once a new government starts, automatically the finance minister is given the role of a quick check around the federation to make sure each economy is satisfactory.

 Alter the voting system - More than we would like, elections are delayed due to the sole person who collects the votes is not available. I would like to change this to have at least two or three people who collect the votes, elections would have a much greater chance of running and ending on time

Bring back the vice premier - I would like to propose that once a premier has been elected, he / she must choose a vice premier. The vice premier is not active unless requested by the premier. However should the soviet membership feel the premier is too inactive, they have the right to hold a short vote that allows the vice premier to take command. In turn... the federation keeps moving while the premier is inactive.

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