The universal symbol of the Ruzi movement with the iconic "Gear of industry", the symbol on most Ruzi flags

Ruzism: A Economic system in which a nation gains wealth by having the government to control all companies, lowering taxes for corporations and citizens and increasing salaries to increase all working citizens wealth and thus increasing purchasing power of citizens of all classes. Socially Ruzism boast nationalism, government control, and pride of being under Ruzi controlled governments by use of propaganda.

Rise of Ruzism

After Kent Rihnbak Took power in Belunda and annexed Sheroni in the year 3535, Ruzism became a multinational political movement. Even though it failed to be a stable movement in a region now known as Amelie Dos, it was proving to be a successful making it more appealing over time. By 3542 the movement had two new countries add to its roster, Ruzi State of Barano and Ruzi State of Samantha Sol increasing the Ruzi political influences on the Draca Mixor Continent of Fearless Blue World. In May of 3543 an international military enterprise was made to use the workforce of non-ruzi nations to produce weapons for the Ruzi countries to use for future wars, increasing the military might of Ruzi nations

Golden Age

(Coming once the Ruzi movement increases its number of nations)

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