Railway Troops of the Ruthenian Armed Forces
Σιδηροδρομικές Στρατεύματα των Ρουθηνών Ενόπλων Δυνάμεων
Railway Troops


Country Ruthene flag Ruthenia
Allegiance Basileus, Ruthenian Empire
Branch Land Forces
Role Railway transport and protection
Headquarters Kalemata
Anniversaries 6 August
Engagements Ruthenian-Maurian War
Current commander Takis Oikonomopoulos
Railway Troops of the Ruthene Armed Forces (Σιδηροδρομικές Στρατεύματα των Ρουθηνών Ενόπλων Δυνάμεων) are a service in the Rear Services of the Armed Forces of Ruthenia. They are involved in ensuring the defense of Ruthenia. Railway Troops Ruthene Armed Forces are designed to perform the tasks of rail services (preparation, construction, reconstruction and protection of the objects of railways). established in 3219 with the military, as a unit in the engineering corps of the Imperial Ruthene Army. The professional holiday of the Railway troops is celebrated on August 6.


In connection with the reorganization of the Armed Forces of the Empire of Ruthenia after the collapse of the Parsian Empire, located in the territory of the Basilika Decree of 3219 "On the Railway Troops of the Empire" General Directorate of railway troops, units, units, agencies, military and educational institutions and enterprises of railway troops, stationed in the empire, have been taken under the jurisdiction of the Empire juridiction.

Basilika Decree of 3219 "On the structure of the central bodies of federal executive power" General Directorate of Railway Troops of the Ministry of Architecture, Building and Housing of was reorganized into the Federal Railway Troops of the Ministry of Railways of Ruthenia, by thus taking them out of the Armed Forces control.

In accordance with Imperial Decree signed on 3 March 3224 "On the system and structure of imperial executive agencies" the Imperial Railway Troops Service was abolished and its functions transferred to the Ruthene Ministry of Defense. The provisions of the decree concerning the Imperial Railway Troops of the Empire of Ruthenia entered into force after the entry into force of the imperial law. On October 5, 3234 the
troops became subordinated to the Ruthene Armed Forces.


At the disposal of railway troops are complex high-performance machines and tools, advanced design and equipment for rehabilitation and construction of railways. The complex includes:

  • puteukladchiki and other track machines
  • pile-driving and blasting equipment
  • overhead traveling cranes
  • railway cranes
  • proletovye collapsible structure and support
  • inventory collapsible trestle
  • specialized equipment floating bridges

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