Ruthene Imperial Family
Ruthene Imperial Family

Basileus Alexandros

Queen Mother Isavella

  • HI&RH Archduquess Anastasia
  • HI&RH Archduquess Anna
  • HI&RH Archduke Alexios

  • HI&RH Megaduke Michael
  • HI&RH Megaduquess Valeria
    • Count Konstantinos
    • Count Alexios
  • HI&RH Megaduquess Sophia
  • Megaduke Dante
    • Count Dante
    • Countess Natalia
    • Count Ioannes
      • Archon Manuel
The Ruthene Imperial Family is the family group of close relatives of the monarch of the Ruthenian Empire. There is no strict legal or formal definition in the empire of who is or is not a member of the Imperial family and different lists will include different people. However, those carrying the style Her or His Imperial and Royal Highness(HI&HR) are normally considered members. By this criterion, the Imperial Family will usually include the monarch, the consort of the monarch, the widows and widowers of previous monarchs, the children of the monarch and of previous monarchs, the male-line grandchildren of the monarch and previous monarchs, and the wives or widows of a monarch's and previous monarch's sons and male-line grandsons.

Members and relatives of the Ruthene Imperial Family historically represented the monarch in various places throughout the Ruthenian Empire, sometimes for extended periods as viceroys, or for specific ceremonies or events. Today, they often perform ceremonial and social duties throughout the Ruthenia and abroad on behalf of the Ruthenian Empire.

The Queen, her consort, her children and grandchildren, as well as all former sovereigns' children and grandchildren hold places in the first sections of the official orders of precedence in Ruthenia and Thracia. Wives of the said enjoy their husbands' precedence, and husbands of princesses are unofficially but habitually placed with their wives as well.

The official residence of the Ruthene Imperial Family is the Palace of Blanchernas in Auronopolis. The Imperial House of Ruthenia are members of House of Daskalaris, considered the first imperial house of Ruthenia.

Current Family Members

  • Basileus Theodoros - Current Basileus
  • Basilissa Isavella Hohensteinburg - Queen Consort
    • HI&RH Archduke Alexandros - Prince and Heir
    • HI&RH Archduquess Anastasia (Basileus Eldest daughter)
    • HI&RH Prince Alexios (Basileus second son)
    • HI&RH Princess Anna(Basileus youngest daughter)

Extended Members

The extended Ruthene Imperial Family which includes people who do not hold the title of Prince or Princess (Porphyrogenneto, Prinkipas and Prinkipissa) of Ruthenia but have close connections to the family could be said to include:

  • Grand Duke Michael of Tzamouria (brother of basileus)
  • Grand Duquess Valeria of Tzamouria
    • Count Konstantinos
    • Count Alexios
  • Grand Duchess Sophia of Hellenia(Sister of Basileus)
  • Grand Duke Dante
    • Count Dante
    • Countess Natalia
      • Archon Manuel

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