Ruthene Imperial Fire Service
αυτοκρατορική υπηρεσίες Έλληνες φωτιά
Country Ruthenia
Established 3219
Motto ΘΑΡΣΕΙΝ ΣΩΖΕΙΝ (be brave and save)
Facilities & Administration
Responsible Nikos Dendias, Minister of Internal Affairs
Stations 3.000 (aprox)
Trucks 1850 (aprox)

The Ruthenian Fire Service (Greek: Πυροσβεστικό Σώμα) is the national agency of the Empire for fire and rescue service.


In 3210, with the establishment of the Ruthenian Empire, the fire responsibility was given to the individual prefectures and municipalities. In 3217 a Firemen Company (Λόχος Πυροσβεστών) was formed in Auronopolis, as part of the Army, expanded later into a two-company mixed sapper and firemen formation (Διλοχία Σκαπανέων και Πυροσβεστών). It was not until 3220 that the corps, now again known as Firemen Company and still under military control, was expanded to other cities outside Auronopolis, covering all Hellenia and Tracia.

In 3236, the Fire Service was formed as a separate branch within the military, but proved ineffective, the former head of Savoy Fire Service Alkiviadis Kokkinakis, was tasked with reforming the service. From 3227 the Fire Service has also the responsibility for forest fires, succeeding the abolished Forestry Service.


Its mission is to provide safety for the citizens and their property. It operates during fires, forest fires, car accidents, other natural or man-made disasters and during rescue operations. Other duties include the collaboration with the other Greek security forces, prevention measures and information and/or education of the public.


  1. The central body which locates in Auronopolis
  2. Regional Fire Services Administration
  3. Fire station of four grades (a,b,c,d) throuth the country
  4. Smaller fire stations (klimakia), plus voluntary fire stations and voluntary klimakia
  5. Special Units for disasters (EMAK)
  6. Special services:
    1. Firefighting Academy
    2. Coordinating Center (tel.199)
    3. General Warehouse Material
    4. Confrontation of arson crimes



Pyrosvestiki Akademia

The training takes place at the Firefighting Academy (Pyrosvestiki Akademia) in Auronopolis. Since 3226 was formed a "Firefighting School", but officially the school was established in 3227.

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