Ruthene Drug Control Service
Agency Overview
Formed 3240
Employees 40.000
Legal Personality Governmental: Government agency
Juridictional Structure
Agency Ruthene flag Ruthenia
Legal Juridiction Ruthenia, Ruthene drug-related investigations
General Nature Law Enforcement, Civilian Police
Operational Structure
Headquarters Auronopolis
Officer responsible Prime Minister of Ruthenia
Agency Executive
  • Nikos Drosopoulos , Director of the Imperial Service for Drug Control
  • Spiros Klotsidis , First Deputy Director of the Imperial Service for Drug Control
Elected by Basileus
Parent agency Imperial Government

The Imperial Drug Control Service of the Ruthenian Empire or IDCS (αυτοκρατορική υπηρεσία ελέγχου ναρκωτικών) is a imperial law enforcement agency of executive authority responsible for drafting state policy, legal regulation, control and monitoring in combating trafficking drugs, psychotropic substances, and their precursors. The Imperial Drug Control Service is specially authorized to address and solve problems relating to traffic in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and their precursors; the Drug Control Service is also authorized to combat the illicit drug trafficking. Commonly known as The Drugs Police (ti̱s astynomías narko̱tikó̱n)

The IDCS shares concurrent jurisdiction with the Imperial Security Service of Ruthenia and the police. The IDCS also has sole responsibility for coordinating and pursuing Ruthene drug investigations abroad, especially in Eridana.

Task and Missions

The main tasks of Ruthene Federal Drug Control Service are:

  • monitoring the trafficking of drugs;
  • detection, prevention, suppression, detection and preliminary investigation of crimes attributed to the investigative jurisdiction of Imperial Drug Control Service of Ruthenia;
  • coordination of enforcement authorities to combat drug trafficking;
  • establishment and maintenance of a unified data bank on issues related to drug trafficking, as well as to combat their illegal trafficking


  • State Anti-Drugs Committee
    • Imperial Drug Control Service
      • Directorate for Analytical Coordination
      • Operative Directorate
      • Operation and Search Directorate
      • Directorate for coordination of Operative Activities
        • Directorate for combating against Drug Crimes in Transportation
        • Dorectorate for combating against illegal activities in narcotics sphere
        • Directorate for combating against Money laundering
      • Department for International Cooperation
      • Investigative Department
      • Dept. for Special Technic Activities
      • Department for Internal Security
      • Directorate for Special Communications (Wiretapping and eavesdropping)
      • Directorate for Special Purpose (Epeideskoi Directorate)
        • "Grom" Unit («βροντή») - A special unit designed to fight against illegal drugs crimes and Narco-Mafia
      • Medical Directorate
      • Directorate for Technic Support

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