Border Guard Service of Ruthenia
Border guard service of the re
Active 3219
Country Ruthenia
Type Military
Role Law Enforcement
Militar Agency
Juridistion National border patrol, security, and integrity.
Headquarters Auronopolis
Parent Agency Ruthene Imperial Gendarmerie
Border Flag
Ruthenian Border Guard Ensign

The Border Service of Ruthenia (Hellenic: Η Υπηρεσία Συνόρων της Ρουθηνία), also called the Border Force of Ruthenia (Συνοριακής Δύναμης της Ρουθηνία, Synoriakí̱s Dýnami̱s ti̱s Routhi̱nía) is a branch of Imperial Gendarmerie of Ruthenia tasked with patrol of the Ruthenian border. In English, the terms "Border Guards" and "Border Troops" are frequently used to designate this service. The Border service includes the Ruthenian maritime border in charge of Ruthene Coast Guard


Border Guards were created in the Parsian Empire in the 24th century, however, the origin of the Ruthenian border service can be traced to the Stratigos Yiannis Lamprakis and his Great Abatis Border in the 30th century. Border Customs Guards originally manned by Kormenian Cossacks as well as low-ranking cavalry troops. General Michael Batatzes in 2810 numerous border posts consisted of 11 regiments of Tortossa and Mesarea troops along all western Ruthenian border.

Following the collapse of the Parsian Empire, Imperial Border Guard Service of Ruthenia was created on December 30, 3219 and given a status of separate government agency. This organization retained some old traditions, most notably the dark green-colored uniform and "Border Guarder's Day" (an official holiday commemorated by celebrations of ex-servicemen). First minister of IBS (Imperial Border Service) was Andreas Nikopolidis, young and outspoken general who later became deputy of the Ruthenian Parliament. Ruthenian Border Guards were also stationed outside of Ruthenia most notably in southern Philipotte, in order to guard the border with Thracia.


Responsibilities of Border Guard Service of Ruthenia include:

  • Defence of the Ruthenian national border, prevention of illegal crossing of the land border by people and goods (smuggling).
  • Protection of economic interests of the Imperial resources and its natural resources within land.
  • Combat any threats to national security in the border area, including terrorism and foreign infiltration.


The command is headed by a Stratigos and two deputies, each deputy is in charge of a border in a Themata or Eparchia,


Regional border districts:

  • Protoxion Border
  • Sýnforion Border
  • Aftolión Border

Enterprises, institutions and organizations which are subordinate to the Border Service:

  • medical and health institutions of the Border Service;
  • Repair Plant;
  • parts logistics, technical and other support.
  • The First Cadet Corps of the Border Service.

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