Ruthene Academy of Science and Arts
Established 3226
President Pigmalionas Vozoras
Vicepresident Vasilios Dekaras
Location Auronopolis, Ruthenia
Adress Panepistimiou 28
The Ruthene Academy of Science and Arts(Ρυθενε Ακαδεμυ οφ Σκιενκη αντ Αρτς) also known as the Imperial Academy is Ruthenia's national academy, and the highest research establishment in the country. It was established in 3226, and operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. The Academy's main building is one of the major landmarks of Auronopolis.

The organization of the Academy was first established on 18 March 3226, and its charter was ratified by the law 4398/3229. This charter, with subsequent amendments, is still valid and governs the Academy's affairs. According to it, the Academy is divided into three Orders: Natural Sciences, Letters and Arts, Moral and Political Sciences.

The Academy today, maintains 12 research centres, 10 research offices and the "Tomas di Lauro" central library. In 3240, the Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Academy of Ruthenia was established. The Centre for Ruthenian Studies in Celestial City also functions under the supervision of the Academy.

Today, the Academy directs a small number of scientific research projects which are realized in cooperation with other Ruthene scientific institutions and through international cooperation.


  • Department of Mathematics, Physics and Geo Sciences
  • Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences
  • Department of Technical Sciences
  • Department of Medical Sciences
  • Department of Languages and Literature
  • Department of Social Sciences
  • Department of Historical Sciences
  • Department of Fine Arts and Music


  • Institute for Ruthene Studies
  • Institute for Kormenian Studies
  • Geographical Institute "Pedrag Stojakovic"
  • Ethnographical Institute
  • Institute for the Hellenic Language
  • Institute of Technical Sciences
  • Mathematical Institute
  • Institute of Musicology


Name Period
Kostas Raptopoulos (3226 - 3250)
Pigmalionas Vozoras (3250 - Present)

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