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Royal Union Airforce


Country Union of Arendale
Role National Air Defense and Service
Type Air Forces

Monarch of Arendale, Union of Arendale

Headquarters Monterrey
Part of Union Armed Forces
Branches Union Air Service
Motto "Together we fly,together we die,BUT NOT TODAY!"
Nicknames Knights of the Sky
Colors Royal Blue,Light Blue,Red and White
Commander in Chief Queen Mary Jane Eunice Reinaldi
Inspector General of the Airforce Major General Edwin Pershing.
Roundel of the Airforce

The Royal Union AirForce (RUAF) or sometimes refered as the Dalean Air Forcenational is the air force of Arendale. It was established as a separate arm of the Union Armed Forces on 16 November 3338. The RUAF's peace force is approximately 8,430 employees (officers, enlisted staff and civilians). 1000 personnel also serve their draft period in the RUAF. After mobilization the RUAF would consist of approximately 10,500 personnel.The RUAF also has 700 aircrafts for use.

The infrastructure of the RUAF includes seven airbases (at Avanroa, Frontier,Tunasol,Damoria,Lightnom,Betta and Dreadfeol), two control and reporting centres (at Arada and Froston) and three training centres (at Arendelle in Mangus Province and Quantadore in Wellington)and and one is ine the PRM.


The RUAF is organized in 4 Air Wings. These are divided into a total of two Control and Reporting Centres, nine flying squadrons as well as two anti aircraft units.

Control and Reporting Centre Avanroa

  • 1st Air Wing
    • 1st Squadron
    • 2nd Squadron
    • 3rd Squadron
    • 4th Squadron
    • 5th Squadron

Control and Reporting Centre Damoria

  • 2nd Air Wing
    • 6th Squadron
    • 7th Squadron
    • 8th Squadron
    • 9th Squadron
    • 10th Squadron

Central Arendale Main Air Station

  • 3rd Air Wing
    • 11th Squadron 
    • 12th Squadron 
    • 13th Squadron
    • 14th Squadron
    • 15th Squadron
  • 4th Air Wing
    • 16th Squadron 

      Damorian Air Base

    • 17th Squadron 
    • 18th Squadron
    • 19th Squadron
    • 20th Squadron


Aircraft Inventory

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